Bison Valley

Spending your weekend within the serene environs of Bison Valley that nestles quietly at Bellikkal, a small but scenic village situated within the Majestic Blue Nilgiri Mountains might just be the perfect idea for anyone looking for a solitary and peaceful destination near Ooty.

Apt for relaxation and to rejuvenate your tensed minds and body, Bison Valley offers a perfect serene haven just to sit amidst natural surroundings and free your minds from the mental bondage of a scheduled work load and hectic lifestyle.

Bison Valley is just a short 26 kms drive from Ooty and those who enjoy walking can even choose to trek up to this spectacular verdant valley of the Nilgiris District placed towards the west where the lush Nilgiri Hills converges with the mighty Western Ghats.

Bison Valley as the name suggest, was acquired from the Indian bison that is seen roaming extensively throughout this area. Dotted with Impressive views of the green landscape dotted with the scented cardamom forests are just a few of the extraordinary glimpses you can possibly catch of within this beautiful expansive valley.

Surrounded by immense greenery wherever you place your eyes, the Bison Valley is one of those places that exist and a must-visit for all travelers on transit vacation or a leisure trip to Ooty.

Bison Valley is also home to a wide variety of wildlife that inhabits this valley’s forest area. Of the many, a few that you might just spot, if lucky, are the Bison, Bears, Sambar Deer, Elephants and Monkeys for sure and even a distant roar of Leopards and Tigers. However, it is unlikely that you would spot these carnivorous animals, but if you do then it would be a rare sight indeed. These animals are somewhat very demure and therefore, it is possible that you may spot them from a far distance.

Bison Valley also offers sights of a variety of bird species that makes it apt for bird watchers to enjoy and capture a few of the rare bird species including Bulbuls, Drongos, Mourning Doves, Shrikes and Woodpeckers, just to mention a few of the many that you can capture in your cameras. Also, do carry along a binocular to allow for better bird watching experience.

Owing to its natural sceneries and green forest areas, Bison Valley is dotted with a number of elegant cottage-style accommodation options that adds a quintessential countryside charm to the entire surroundings. These Cottages dates back to the erstwhile Colonial era with a few as old as over 100 years old. A few cottages around Bison Valley are also placed within verdant spaces that were once coffee plantation estates converted into tea plantations sites. Since, a range of wildlife animals have the tendency to stroll into these cottage courtyards or garden areas, all the Cottages dotted around Bison Valley are tightly encircled with electric fences for protection.

Tourists can also enjoy an Open Jeep Safari around the forest area of the Bison Valley and continue farther into the famous Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary that will take you on an exciting trip and through some of the most unforgettable sights just waiting to be discovered. These Jeep Safaris offer an opportunity for you to enjoy a closer look at animals like the leopards, tigers and panthers within their natural habitat.

Apart from the wildlife scenes and memorable sights of its verdant valleys and landscapes, Bison Valley is also an ideal place for couples and nature lovers to enjoy leisurely strolls along the numerous pathways that wind and curve around this stunning valley. Adventure sports like cycling or Mountain Biking is another popular activity that you can enjoy on this valley.

Bison Valley

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