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Ooty Excursions

When in Ooty, it is but natural for you to want to tour the entire region thus you can start your excursion by visiting the nearby Ooty attractions that form the heart of Ooty Tourism and the prime reason for the fame that this small Hill Station has managed to earn for itself in the global map of popular tourist destinations in the world.

And in case you cannot have enough of the sights to see in Ooty, you can keep yourself occupied with the numerous Excursions around Ooty and make short visits to places such as Coonoor and Kotagiri, two small but stunning Hill Stations with excellent climate and tourist spots that have become popular places for treks and excursions amongst tourists and are an important part of Ooty Tourism

Ooty Excursions offer tourists, a tour in and around, the numerous places of interest to explore including excursions to nearby towns and small tribal villages offering some really excellent sights to view and traverse through magnificent viewpoints, waterfalls, rivers and Lakes.

6th Mile

6th Mile is a Shooting Spot in Ooty situated at a distance of just 9.66 Kms from Ooty that converts to exactly 6 miles. This is a famous tourist spot and Bollywood movie filming point in Ooty that exhibits a wave of green expanses and is surrounded by dense forest areas lending a perfect backdrop for filming, picnic activities and to hang out with friends or colleagues during holidays and weekends.

9th Mile

9th Mile is another Shooting Spot situated at a distance of 14.49 Kms from Ooty or 9 miles exactly. This is also a tourist spot in Ooty that was made popular owing to its green forest areas & mountains that surrounds this region. This place is also referred to as the 'Shooting Medu' where several South Indian Movies and Bollywood Movies have been filmed. The region is extremely calm and scenic lending a perfect venue for picnics and hangout zone.


Glenmorgan is another picturesque tourist spot near Ooty that reflects a typical countryside surrounding blessed with a terrain of tea gardens and eucalyptus plantations. This area is covered with undisturbed Sholas trees and offers some of the most stunning views ideal for picnics or to hang out with friends during the weekends.

Apart from the aforementioned tourist excursions from Ooty, a short trek or ride to the numerous other spectacular tourist destinations around Ooty will keep you occupied throughout your stay in Ooty.

Ooty excursions offers more than enough to quench your thirst for exploring the unmanned territories and soaking up the stunning sights as you come across some of the best scenic display of nature and walk past expanse of lush greenery through natural pathways and trails of nature.

Doddabetta Peak

Doddabetta Peak is perched at a height of 2,623 meters above mean sea level and is considered as the highest point in the Nilgiris District. Situated at a distance of 10 kms from Ooty town, this peak is the best vantage point around Ooty. You can trek your way up and take snaps of the valley or just enjoy the stunning panoramic view of the flats as well as the verdant scenes that this height has to offer. read more about Doddabetta Peak

Kamaraj Sagar Dam

Kamaraj Sagar Dam is also referred to as the Sandynalla Reservoir and is situated at a distance of 10 Kms from the main Ooty bus stand. This Dam evolved as a popular picnic spot after numerous movies were shot here making it famous and a must-visit. The Slopes of the Wenlock Downs can be spotted from here and tourists and visitors can indulge in various tourist activities organised close to this Dam-site. read more about Kamaraj Sagar Dam

Parsons Valley Reservoir

Parsons Valley Reservoir is situated at a distance of merely 12 Kms from Ooty from where the base camp for trek routes to the Western Ghats within the Nilgiris District is stationed. This reservoir nestles within a reserved forest and is the primary water source for the Nilgiris and hence is off-limits to visitors but you can view the stunning water bank from the valley dressed with scented pine trees and a purple flourish of rhododendrons transforming the valley into a stunning canvas and haven for nature lovers. You can trek up to the Mukurthi Peak and the Mukurthi Water Buffalo Sanctuary and National Park from here read more about Parsons Valley Reservoir

Kalhatty Waterfalls / Kalhatti Waterfalls

Kalhatty Waterfalls / Kalhatti Waterfalls is situated at a distance of about 13 kms from Ooty. A short walk to this stunning sight and its panoramic scenes is a must-do activity while in Ooty. It plunges down a height of 100 feet and cascades across the Kalhatti Slopes from where it derives its name. read more about Kalhatty Waterfalls

Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill is an extremely charming site in Ooty known for its beauty. It can be spotted to the east of Ooty and lies towards the lower end of the stunning Doddabetta Peak at a distance of 16 kms from the main town of Ooty. You can either trek your way up or take a ride and enjoy the intermediate scenic beauty on your way up to Tiger Hill. read more about Tiger Hill

Wenlock Downs

Wenlock Downs is just a green grassland area that is typical of the original landscape of the Nilgiris District situated at a distance of 14 Kms from the main town of Ooty. It displays a gentle undulating terrain that is often compared with the gentle green slopes of the Yorkshire Dales in the British Isles. Known as a famous film shooting point, this place evolved into a popular tourist destination near Ooty. You can make a stop at this site during your tour from Ooty to Pykara. read more about Wenlock Downs


Pykara is situated at a distance of about 19 Kms from Ooty. Here lies the famous and sacred river of the Toda tribes and it holds a significant place amongst the Tribal community. Today, the Pykara Lake and its surrounding area have been transformed into a famous tourist spot near Ooty equipped with a Boat House. The Pykara Falls and The Historical Pykara Dam, the oldest of its kind in South India, are famous tourist attractions seen here. Pykara also boasts of well protected and fenced areas of the Sholas and Toda settlements. It features undistributed grassy pastures and is home to a healthy wildlife habitat. read more about Pykara

Needle Hill Viewpoint

Needle Hill Viewpoint is situated on the way between Cuddalore and Pykara and hence you can make a stop here while on your tour to Pykara. This viewpoint is hidden within a forest area that comes before Gudalur, a small village set along the Pykara road that leads to Mysore. The shape of the rock that leads you to a spectacular view, as never seen before, is the reason why it was aptly named as the Needle Hill Viewpoint tucked amidst the eucalyptus forests that should not be missed. read more about Needle Hill Viewpoint

The Annamalai Temple

The Annamalai Temple is a situated at a distance of about 20 Kms from the main Ooty town and is a famous worship place of the numerous ardent devotees of Lord Muruga. This Temple is also known as the 7th Hill house of Lord Muruga and offers a stunning panoramic view of the region surrounding the Temple. read more about Annamalai Temple

Bison Valley

Bison Valley is situated about 26 kms from Ooty and as the name suggest, this valley was named after the Indian bison seen strolling throughout this area. Other views to sight are the aromatic cardamom forests and the stunning expanse of greenery that exists almost everywhere you'd laid your eyes upon. This valley is inhabited with a variety of wildlife to spot and hence has evolved as one of the frequently visited tourist spots near Ooty. read more about Bison Valley

Pine Forest

The Pine Forest is situated between Ooty and Thalakunda and is considered as one of the most popular tourist destination near Ooty. This site is famous amongst the movie fraternity where a song sequence from a Tamil movie named Dheena was filmed. read more about Pine Forest


Mukurthi is situated at a distance of about 36 Kms from Ooty that welcomes you to spectacular sights from the imposing Mukurthi Peak. The Parsons Valley Reservoir s situated at a trekking distance from this Peak and hence you can cover this section first during your Ooty excursion tour and then continue to other tourist spots around Ooty. It is believed, by the indigenous Toda community of Ooty that the souls of the departed ones move onto the next abode from this very sacred spot that makes it interesting to visit and a popular tourist attraction near Ooty. read more about Mukurthi


Kotagiri is smaller Hill Station when compared to Ooty and Coonoor. It is a district of the Nilgiris Hills and is situated at a distance of about 31 Kms from Ooty. Kotagiri offers visitors with some of the most memorable trekking routes to look forward to owing to its stunning scenic landscapes and serene atmosphere. The famous Doddabetta Viewpoint can be visited while en route from Ooty to Kotagiri. You can enjoy the numerous tourist spots in Kotagiri such as the famous John Sullivan's Bungalow, Longwood forest, the Kodanad Viewpoint, The Nehru park, St. Catherine Falls, Kil - Kotagiri, Rangaswamy Peak, Rangaswamy Pillar, Thengumarahada and Elk Falls. After your Kotagiri Tour is complete, you can rest overnight and continue further on your Ooty excursion tour from Kotagiri to Coonoor. This route features better and well maintained roads when compared to the usual Ooty - Coonoor route and hence ensures for a more comfortable and attractive road trip. read more about Kotagiri


Coonoor is the second largest Hill Station in the Nilgiris District after Ooty and is situated at a distance of just 17 Kms from the main town of Ooty. Coonoor is perched at a height of about 1,839 meters above sea level and features one of the best climate and weather all year round. It is endowed with excellent tourist attractions such as the famous Ketti Valley View, Sim's Park, Dolphin's Nose, Lamb's Rock or Echo Rock, Laws Falls, Wellington and Droog Fort including scenic picnic spots set amidst verdant surroundings and grassland meadows that offer the best time for all visitors. read more about Coonoor

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