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Ooty is known as one of the most picturesque yet quaint Hill Station of South India that has much more to offer to visitors than its numerous tourist attractions and The Hindustan Photo Films in Ooty also known as HPF in short is one such location which is absent of the natural scenic aura of Ooty and differs in many ways possible.

While most of the tourist attractions in Ooty are directed towards its scenic panorama, many are unaware that Ooty is a multi-purpose tourist destination in India and hence has a lot more of interesting sites to see with the Hindustan Photo Films being one of those places to visit in Ooty.

The Hindustan Photo Films is not your usual fascinating tourist spot in Ooty but in fact is an industrial unit situated at a distance of about 5 Kilometers from the popular Ooty Railway Station. The Hindustan Photo Films covers an area of 300 acres and is known for manufacturing a number of film products.

HPF or the Hindustan Photo Films Manufacturing Company Limited is a Public Sector Enterprise that functions under the Department of Heavy Industry. It was constituted in 1960 with the prime aim to make the Country autonomous in the field of Photosensitized goods.

The Hindustan Photo Films is known to be the only unified manufacturer of Photosensitized products in the entire South East Asia Continent. This is the only Industrial Unit that houses the technology to manufacture the principle products for medical diagnostic sector, photographic sector, Defence sector and Digital market sector by using International standards of fabrication.

Since its establishment, The Hindustan Photo Films has become one of the major industrial units of the Nilgiris District strategically placed just on the Ooty – Mysore Road away from the city centre and near the Ooty golf links.

The Hindustan Photo Films, an industrial plant, is visited by a large pool of global tourists with the intention to catch a glimpse of the entire process from production to completion of the manufacturing process.

The Hindustan Photo Films was officially inaugurated on January 1967 by Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the former and first lady Prime Minister of India. Presently, the Hindustan Photo Films plant produces varied types of Indu Roll Films that helps in photography purposes and is used in the Photographic Sector.

Apart from the varied Indu Roll Films, the Hindustan Photo Films industrial unit also fabricates the renowned Indu X-ray Films, which has been acknowledged for being amongst the highest and best quality of Indu X-Ray Films produced in the world, a real success and pride for India.

The Hindustan Photo Films also fabricates film materials for the Photographic sector that include the Industrial X-ray Films and the Indu Bromide Paper, mainly used for printing out the photographs including Aerial Films and Induaerographic which is used extensively for geological and defence mapping; made for the Defence Sector.

Hindustan Photo Films also manufactures products such as the Mammographic film, Medical Imaging Film and Scanner Films for the Medical Diagnostic Sector, Graphic Arts products for the Printing Sector and Medical X-Ray including Black and White products.

For the photographic Sector - CAT Film, Industrial X-Ray Film, Laser Recording Film, Oscilloscope Direct Print-Paper, Special Film for Space Photography, Photo Type Setting Paper and a range of Chemicals for Film processing are fabricated and For the Digital Market Sector, Inkjet Papers are produced which are amongst the other products fabricated within the Hindustan Photo Films in Ooty that visitors and tourists can catch a glimpse of during their visit to this Factory Unit.

Address: M/S Hindustan Photo Films Mfg. Co. Ltd., Indunagar, Ootacamund [Ooty] - 643 005, Tamil Nadu, India
Contact Numbers: + 91 – 423 – 244 4020 to 26
Email ID: [email protected]

Hindustan Photo Films Ooty

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