2 Star Hotels in Ooty

2 Star Hotels in Ooty offer similar accommodation, facilities and services as a 3 Star Hotel in Ooty but at a discounted deal when compared to other higher priced accommodation options in Ooty.

The 2 Star Hotels in Ooty ensure that they offer excellent rooms when it comes to attending to the requirements of a value minded traveler visiting Ooty, be it for a business trip, adventure trip or leisure trip.

The 2 Star Hotels in Ooty also allows customers to spend their hard earned money on enjoying the unparalleled beauty of Ooty and its countless tourist attractions. The Ooty 2 Star Hotels gives visitors an option to be able to balance their travel budget more towards sightseeing in Ooty rather than spending it on a high priced guest room hotel.

The numerous 2 Star Hotels in Ooty also assist guests in various excursions from Ooty including sightseeing and adventure tours to nearby places like Kotagiri and Coonoor as well. They offer a decent stay which is priced reasonably coupled with all the luxuries of a 2 Star accommodation and comforts for guests to look forward to during their next visit to Ooty.

The Discounted accommodation options with luxury comforts are only available at the numerous Ooty 2 Star Hotels that ensure quality with warm hospitality and the benefit of customers getting to enjoy the amenities, facilities and services of a higher priced hotel.

2 Star Hotels in Ooty are popular options for most travelers as most are strategically located close to the commercial centre of Ooty and even at walking distances from the Ooty Bus Stand and Ooty Railway Station and hence allows for ease of access to other parts of the Nilgiris region.

2 Star Hotels in Ooty also offer a spectacular outdoor view of the verdant landscapes of Ooty and its undulating terrains and majestic mountain ranges from the guest rooms that are well appointed with well furnished with large comfy beds, air conditioning facility, Room Dining Services and many more to look forward to.

Therefore, each 2 Star Hotel in Ooty ensures that they meet their prime objective of matching comfort with quality services and facilities at a low-price accommodation, a unique and most preferred feature by most visitors in Ooty. These Ooty 2 Star Hotels are also safe and well secured surrounded by peaceful neighbourhood areas and hence is apt for families on vacation, honeymoon couples and also lone female travelers.

A welcome of warm Indian Hospitality with luxury comforts is what the numerous 2 Star Hotels in Ooty will offer. Each Rate published by the Ooty 2 Star Hotels is tailor-made to suit all value minded travelers and to match with their varied requirements with the added benefit of a comfortable lodging option, hygienic cuisines and personalized services; all at a moderate rate and well within the affordability of a budget friendly tourist.

Each 2 Star Hotel in Ooty offer well furnished guest rooms with attached bathrooms and 24 hours hot water supply including Cable television facility, comfortable beds and quality service which is most assuring.

While all the 2 Star Hotels in Ooty feature an in-house Multi Cuisine Restaurant, a few serve a range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare ranging from delectable North India to South India and Chinese cuisines while a few offer only pure vegetarian delights to cater to the avid vegetarian customers. In case you wish to savour non-vegetarian dishes, these 2 Star Hotels in Ooty are well placed close to a number of Ooty Restaurants that serve up some of your favourite meat and sea food delights.

List of 2 Star Hotels in Ooty

Haveli Atithi Bhavan, Ooty

Haveli Atithi Bhavan, Ooty is run by two wonderful hosts backed with over 50 years of experience in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. This 2 Star Hotel aims at attracting budget friendly tourists and backpackers looking for an affordable stay in Ooty. It is situated close to the Abu Babaji Ashram and is surrounded by stunning bungalows.

Hindustan Mahal, Ooty

Hindustan Mahal, Ooty offers tourists with a comfortable lodging experience in Ooty making your holidays more memorable. It features 10 well equipped rooms with hot and cold water supply and basic amenities and facilities as expected of a 2 Star hotel.

Hotel Khems, Ooty

Hotel Khems, Ooty is one of the popular 2 Star Hotels in Ooty located close to the scenic Botanical Gardens. This hotel is situated amidst natural green gardens and hence complements the surrounding greenery of Ooty. It offers comfortable accommodation to all tourists along with all basic amenities and facilities at a reasonable rate.

Hotel Nahar Residency, Ooty

Hotel Nahar Residency, Ooty is situated just a minute away from the main commercial area of Ooty. It is placed amidst verdant green lawns and a garden that depicts a lovely and colorful pattern complementing the surroundings of Ooty. This 2 Star Hotel also commands a stunning panoramic view of the beautiful Nilgiris Mountains. It also features an in-house multi-cuisine restaurant offering a host of cuisines to choose from and sightseeing tours in and around Ooty.

Mystique Ville, Ooty

Mystique Ville, Ooty is quite appealing to most travelers looking for a 2 Star accommodation in Ooty. The Hotel is apt for leisure vacations and business trips equipped with 11 well maintained guest rooms and economical 2 star comforts including an in-room Television. It also features a small swimming pool and a leisure green garden apt for relaxation and for a comfortable stay.

Ooty Gate Hotel, Ooty

Ooty Gate Hotel, Ooty is one of the major 2 Star Hotels in Ooty that ensures excellent accommodation with good dining facility. Each room is well equipped with all the basic 2-star comforts and is therefore always buzzing with budget tourists looking for a highly comfortable living but at a reasonable price.

Preethi Classic Towers, Ooty

Preethi Classic Towers, Ooty is a spacious affordable 2 Star hotel in Ooty that boasts of large rooms overlooking the stunning verdant mountains and the shopping areas of Ooty. The hotel interiors is elegantly decorated and well furnished to reflect a welcoming ambience for travelers looking for a decent accommodation with 2-star comforts and warm hospitality in Ooty.

Sabol Holidays, Ooty

Sabol Holidays, Ooty is situated amidst the verdant green valley of Ooty secluded from the main crowd of the Ooty Town and with close proximity to the unexplored and virgin lands of nature making for an adventurous and attractive vacation experience in Ooty. Each room offers the right ambience to relax equipped with basic modern amenities and facilities for a memorable stay.

The Queens Residency, Ooty

The Queens Residency, Ooty is situated close to the Nilgiri Hills and well within reach from the main City centre of Ooty. The rooms offer a stunning view of the surrounding tall pine trees making it apt for a relaxing getaway. This is a popular 2 Star hotel in Ooty that offers a decent stay for guests on a restricted budget with the added standard facilities and services available at an affordable rate.

Vinayaga Inn, Ooty

Vinayaga Inn, Ooty features an extremely pleasant and welcoming environ that has well maintained rooms that is functional for budget travelers. The interior is bright and spacious dressed with classical furnishings and accompanied with personalized services that can match with luxury hotels. This 2 Star hotel is also an attractive option for most leisure and business travelers owing to its strategic position close to the business centre of Ooty and tourists attractions in Ooty.

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