Ooty Golf Course

The famous Ooty Golf Course is situated in Ooty, Tamil Nadu in India and spans over a large expansive green area set at an altitude of 7,600 feet above MSL opened to all members all-year-round. This Gold Course extends over an area measuring 193.56 acres and is owned by the Ooty Gymkhana Club.

The Ooty Golf Club was established in 1896 and later redesigned by Ross Thompson in 1929 who transformed the entire area into a hue of scenic green canvas comprising of 18 holes [PAR 70], a definite challenge for many golfers and quite trying at times therefore, it is generally recommended for first time golfers to start by playing only 9 holes.

The former Secretary of the Blue Mountains Tennis and Cricket Club, Colonel Fane Sewell, established the Ooty Golf Course in March 1891 then comprising of 9 holes and 6 years later, on September 1896, a few Golf enthusiasts established a Golf Club adjacent to the Golf Course named as the Gymkhana Club, who are today, the proud owners of this Ooty Golf Course. The hydraulic systems were installed in 1929 to pump water from a nearby stream and in 1970; Feeder pipes were installed to water the Ooty Golf Course.

An Avalanche range comprising of thick dense and forestland surrounds the entire Ooty Golf Course lending a scenic and unforgettable sight to view. On your trip to the golf course, you can also drop by at Cairn Hill, situated about 3 kms from the Avalanche Range.

Cairn Hill features dense cypress trees and makes for an excellent picnic spot to visit and enjoy lunch. This place has withstood heavy rains, numerous earthquakes and even cyclones, but it has still managed to retain its quaint and natural beauty owing to the dense forest lands and hence should not be missed.

The Ooty Golf Course supersedes the soft contours of the slopes revealing barren tonsured effects on certain elevations encompassing gorsy and dense aromatic copses of Eucalyptus, Fir, Oak and Rhododendron trees lending a picturesque atmosphere to the entire stretch of land.

Situated just a degree above the equator coupled with the high altitude offers a stunning combination of thin and the nearly clear, intoxicant air of the mountains allowing the golf ball to travel much further than it would ideally do in plains where the atmosphere is highly elevated

Of the 18 Holes, 9 holes are shot blind owing to the gentle rolling landscape of this Ooty Golf Course and hence even the green is barely visible from the tee-off zone, despite the availability of several guide posts to assist the golfers towards the right direction. The toughest hole of the Ooty Golf Course is the 5th hole elevated at 200 feet above the 4th hole, a real challenge for many avid golfers.

The Ooty Golf Club features well manicured large green lawns including lush verdant fairways that are firmly placed. A distinct feature of the foliage is the strong fences around them protecting the area from destruction by wild animals. It is possible that you run into an ongoing fox hunt at the 13th hole of the Ooty Golf Course where Foxhounds and Beagles are still trained to partake in the fox hunt event that started way back in 1847.

Every year, an annual amateur Ooty Golf Championship is organised during the summers. Major Quinton was the first winner of this championship that dates back to 1906. A golfer named R. B. Carrick is known for winning this Championship nine times between the years 1914 and 1929. During the recent years, the Ooty Golf Club has organised several other major Golf Tournaments within this stunning Ooty Golf Course.

The Ooty Golf Course Club also features a Restaurant and Bar where visitors and members of the Ooty Gold Course association can enjoy a great meal after a game of golf. This Club also organises a number of recreational facilities for activities such as billiards, snooker, pool, table tennis, card games that helps golfers to unwind at the club house.

The Ooty Golf Course Club also provides accommodation for golfers with an annex that houses 10 well furnished guest rooms and 6 small cottages. Recreational facilities for numerous indoor games including a swimming pool are also available for use by the Golfers.

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