Wenlock Downs

Wenlock Downs, Ooty was probably named by the British way back in the late 1800s when they discovered this stunningly picturesque open grassland, undulating gentle hills and verdant meadows spanning across miles and miles of untouched panorama that resembles the quintessential Yorkshire Dales of the British Isles, a group of Islands situated off the northwest coast of continental Europe that comprise of the Great Britain Islands, Ireland Islands and over 600 smaller isles.

Spanning over a stretch of grassland areas which is typical of the original bio-scape of the Nilgiris District, Wenlock Downs, Ooty gently rises and falls like a flowing silk cloth dressed with emptiness that exudes an exotic ambience as never seen anywhere else.

Wenlock Downs, Ooty is often compared with places in Europe that features high altitude grasslands dipped in exquisiteness that even lures popular directors of the Indian Movie Industry to capture a few shots for their movies amidst this verdant expanse.

Nestled within Wenlock Downs, Ooty are two popular movie filming destinations named as Sixth Mile and Ninth Mile respectively. Situated 6 miles and 9 miles away, these two popular tourist spots in Ooty span along the main Ooty to Pykara Road, also known as the Ooty to Mysore Road, and hence the names were derived as per their distances from Ooty.

6th Mile or Sixth Mile is a Shooting Spot in Ooty situated at a distance of just exactly 6 miles away by road. 6th Mile shot to fame as a popular tourist spot in Ooty owing to Bollywood movies being filmed on this very point almost all-year-round. The landscape of Sixth Mile exhibits waves of green expanses surrounded by dense forest lands that lend a picturesque backdrop for movie shots, picnic lunches and to hang out during holidays and weekends especially.

9th Mile or Ninth Mile is similar in its landscape to 6th Mile and hence another Shooting Spot situated at a distance of exactly 9 miles from Ooty. Apt for nature walks, picnics and to hang out, 9th Mile shot to fame as another famous tourist spot in Ooty owing to its vast green forests, gentle slopes and mountains that surrounds this region. Also, referred to as the ‘Shooting Medu’, Ninth Mile is where several South Indian Movies as well as Bollywood Movies are extensively filmed.

Apart from the scenic delights, even the entire 9 kms journey from Ooty to Wenlock Downs will lead you through some of the most unforgettable excursion experiences from Ooty. Spreading across a whopping 20,000 acres of vast landscape and stretching along 80 kms long, Wenlock Downs, Ooty is not only majestic but its landscape seems to roll along endlessly.

Towards the far ends, Wenlock Downs, Ooty is seen dotted with rows of high rising eucalyptus trees adding a scented demure green to the already verdant Greenland. A popular hunting venue of Ooty, at one time, this extensive grassland of Wenlock Downs, Ooty was used as hunting ground by the British and Europeans who tremendously enjoyed this sport.

Today, Wenlock Downs, Ooty home the Gymkhana Club, the Hindustan Photo Films Company and a Government Sheep Farm mainly used for sheep rearing and breeding owing to its unadulterated pasturelands accompanied with a pleasant and scenic locale that extensively helps in maintaining the health of each sheep.

A vast expanse of undulating landscape of Wenlock Downs, Ooty is covered with Sholas Forest and is truly blessed with exotic scenic beauty coupled with a vast land of rich vegetation. This place is sure to remind you of the exquisite landscapes that you must have watched and gaped at in the Blockbuster Movie, ‘Lord of the Rings’, and hence, won’t need to go anywhere else to experience such exotic locales.

Wenlock Downs, Ooty also offers spectacular views of the Nilgiris Mountain Range and vast expanses of meadow covered with scented pine forests, Balsam, Holly, Wild tea bushes including Dandelions and Clustered Summer Gentian flowers with many others adding a vibrant colour and complementing the greens hence making this locale apt for strolling or just lazing around.

Wenlock Downs, Ooty certainly qualifies as an unforgettable tourist destination for visitors who enjoy nature in its purest form. The sight of sheep grazing over an almost never-ending stretch of grassy land will transform you into another world. A virtual paradise on earth, this undulating countryside meadow also overlooks the nose-shaped Mukurthi Peak.

Wenlock Downs, Ooty also captivates the numerous golf lovers owing to its sprawling acres of farmland that lends a spectacular countryside charm to the Gymkhana Golf Club, Ooty. Just a mere 8 to 9 kms drive from Ooty, Wenlock Downs is easily accessible by public transport like buses or by hiring a cab to drive you to this scenic locale. However, Wenlock Downs, Ooty is best reached by walking as you get to completely immerse and soak in the spectacular sights that you cross paths with hence adding to the enjoyment of a pleasurable short excursion experience.

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