Mukurthi is a scenic landscape situated at a distance of 36 Kms from Ooty, a definite site to make an excursion to, when on vacation in the Nilgiris District. The entire travel experience from Ooty to Mukurthi is famous for being one of the most unforgettable Ooty excursions waiting to be accomplished.

Mukurthi is home to some of the most distinguished tourist sites to visit from Ooty with its towering Mukurthi Peak, named after the town itself, situated just 4 Kms from the town village or 40 Kms from Ooty including the Mukurthi Park that captures the South Eastern portion the Lofty Nilgiri Mountain Ranges.

The imposing Mukurthi Peak of the Mukurthi town feature cliffs of granite that stretches from a height of 200 meters from the plateau and then gradually slopes downhill to about 1500 meters up to the plains. It is over this plateau that the Mukurthi National Park spans across, covering a massive area of 78.46 sq. km. and enveloped by the sweet scented Eucalyptus tree plantations.

Mukurthi is also a popular movie shooting venue choice for several Movie Production Houses owing to its natural geographical beauty comprising of landscapes and biosphere, lush with Sholas forest areas. The Mukurthi Dam, a part of the Pykara Hydro Electricity project, placed over the stunning Mukurthi Lake situated at the foothills of the Nilgiris is another scenic locale to visit and should not be missed by any visitor. You can also enjoy a memorable trekking expedition from Mukurthi to scenic locales like the Parson's Valley followed by Pykara and then to Porthimund; all falling along the same trekking route.

The Mukurthi Park is so vast that is continues across the border of Tamil Nadu to Kerala and converges with the verdant forests of the Silent Valley National Park placed on the western portion of the Nilgiris range. This Sanctuary is home to a distinguished wildlife population of the famous Nilgiri Tahr and also features a variety of 37 different endemic flora and fauna species including the Black Buck, the Great Indian Pied Hornbill, the exotic Nilgiri Marten, the Nilgiri Laughing Thrush, and the Nilgiri Pipit [an endemic bird of the Western Ghat nearly on the verge of extinction] are a few of the many exotic species that can be found in this sanctuary.

The common species to sight at Mukurthi Forest are the Sambar Deer, Giant Squirrel, the rare barking Deer, Gaur, Wild Dog and Wild Boar of the many that reside here. Elephants are a common sight to notice, however, Leopards and Tigers and very demure about their presence in the open and might be sighted from a distance.

These unique features including the exotic species of Mukurthi can be explored during an open Jeep Safari wildlife tour, also a definite must-do activity. You also get to notice that the variety of flora and fauna present within the Mukurthi Sanctuary share a distinct similarity with the variety seen in the Himalayan Flora and Fauna species.

It is believed by the indigenous Toda Tribes of the Nilgiris that the souls of the dead and dearly departed one move onto afterlife from this very sacred spot atop the Mukurthi Peak. Another interest feature of this region is the mountain Bears that share a striking resemblance to the ones that reside within the Himalayan terrains. Other major Peaks situated around the Mukurthi Peak are the Kollaribetta Peak [2,629 meters in altitude] and the Nilgiri Peak [2,476 meters in altitude] that also offer a invigorating panoramic view of the entire valley below.

Mukurthi is one picturesque locality that is interconnected by innumerable small incessant streams that cascades downhill and converges with Bhavani Puzha River that flows across the Silent Valley National Park in Kerala.

Mukurthi Forest land is generally a well protected area and hence not accessible to visitors without prior permission, however, the Peak, Dam, Lake and the Sanctuary are places that you can visit and enjoy.

Both the Mukurthi Peak and Mukurthi National Park are very popular amongst tourists who frequent this region just to experience its charm and beauty. The best time to visit Mukurthi and its exotic paraphernalia is during the months from February to May.

An overnight accommodation at the nearby Avalanche Forest Lodge is always available but on prior bookings only. Apart from the roadways, Mukurthi is also accessible by Railways and Air with nearest airport at Coimbatore situated 140 kms away.


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