Ooty Deer Park

Ootacamund, popularly known as Ooty, features a number of stunning sights to visit and experience thus attracting thousands of visitors all year round. Apart from its natural gentle yet undulating landscapes, dense forest areas and water reserves, Ooty also houses a rich wildlife habitat within a natural enclosure including the Ooty Deer Park that was established to house several species of Deer and other animals for visitors to view which is otherwise unlikely impossible to view within the natural surroundings of the Nilgiris.

Numerous people in Ooty had conveyed the desire to view distinct species of fauna in Ooty and hence the Ooty Deer Park was introduced. Besides this, Ooty also features the mountain toy train journey as one of the main tourist attractions offering an incredible experience for all ages and luring a large pool of global visitors who arrive at Ooty after covering a distance of 47 kms from Mettupalayam.

These are the tourists who also visit the numerous tourist spots in Ooty including the Ooty Deer Park. However, after a ride on the toy train, the journey is sure to bring you back to Ooty just to re-experience the train traversing through steep curves, pass under long tunnels and running along deep valleys filled with verdant vegetation, tea plantations and cascading streams again.

Apart from the various tourist sites like the Ooty Botanical Garden, the Tribal Museum, the Stone House and the Rose Garden, the Ooty Deer Park also holds a significant part amongst the various places to visit in Ooty.

The Ooty Deer Park is a unique wilderness that is situated on the edge of the famous Ooty Lake. This Deer Park is considered as one of the high altitude zoos or fauna parks in India apart from the Nainital Zoo in Uttarakhand [perched at an altitude of 2,100 meters above MSL].

The Ooty Deer Park is a scenic animal park that offers a unique opportunity for visitors to observe and educate themselves about the wildlife residing in a nearly natural habitat. Maintained by the Tamil Nadu Forest Department, the Deer Park in Ooty was established and inaugurated in 1986 and covers a massive area of 22 acres of which 6 acres is fully developed and open for the general public.

The Ooty Deer Park houses the Sambar Deer species including other wildlife such as several Hares, Rabbits and water birds besides the Chital [Cheetal Deer]. This Deer Park in Ooty is situated at a distance of just a kilometer from scenic Ooty Lake and is a frequented by thousands of tourists throughout the year.

The Ooty Deer Park is best recognised as one of the few wildlife sanctuaries in India situated at an elevation of 2,240 meters above MSL. Sprawled across a large expanse of greenery, this Deer Park in Ooty is also home to a good collection of aquatic life. It also forms an ideal place for families to spend quality time with their kids and at the same educating them about the wildlife species of the Nilgiris.

The Ooty Deer Park is also one of the easiest locations to find in Ooty that one can visit on the way to the Ooty Botanical Gardens or drop in while enjoying a casual stroll by the Ooty Lake.

The Ooty Deer Park is where you can gear up for an exciting visit to view certain wildlife species that you would not otherwise get to experience in other places. This Deer Park in Ooty offers you a glimpse of what lies amidst the thick of the dense jungles of the Nilgiris that you might come across during a long trekking expedition from Ooty.

The Deer Park in Ooty also features a variety of flower species and Trees that naturally grow within the precincts of the park thus accentuating the charm of the Ooty Deer Park and its surrounding landscapes. After a visit to the Ooty Deer Park, you can enjoy a good meal at any of the food outlets and Ooty restaurants fringed nearby.

The Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation Limited ensures that this Deer Park in Ooty is well maintained and all the animals are treated with great care and affection. You can also hang around the nearby tourist spots such as the Ooty Lake, Children's Lake Garden and the Ooty Children Park that offers a number of pony rides for kids to enjoy. However, the Ooty Deer Park also acts as a perfect edutainment venue for kids to observe and study the wildlife of the Nilgiris and learn more about their natural habitat and way of living.

The Ooty Deer Park also acts as an ideal place to visit during any time of the year converting it into an all-year-round tourist spot in Ooty. This Deer Park in Ooty is a great alternate consolation for tourists who otherwise fail to visit the more exotic tourist attractions in Ooty especially during the monsoon season or owing to personal & situational occurrences. This Park is worth every second of your time and energy hence, a visit to the Ooty Deer Park should definitely be added to your Ooty Sightseeing Travel Itinerary.

Ooty Deer Park

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