Ooty Tourism

Ooty, formerly named as Ootacamund, is the signature destination for a quiet holiday or adventure vacation situated amidst the Blue Mountains or the famous Nilgiri hills in South India. The smoky blue haze emanating from the blossomed kurunji flowers envelopes the mystical mountains of Ooty and gives way to unknown territories nestled within slopes of eucalyptus trees transforming this region into an apt trekking or hiking destination as well.

Ooty had once served as the summer capital of the British Empire and later the Madras Presidency and small kingdoms as well. Being visited by the British during the colonial days, this region became a centerpiece for a popular summer and weekend resort for people residing in the neighbouring plains of India.

Ooty witnesses a large influx of tourists all year round owing to its distinguished mountains, lush eucalyptus trees, sprawling grasslands, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, dense forests and miles of tea plantations that welcomes visitors on their way to Ooty offering them with the best range of a picturesque extravagance to look forward to.

Ooty Tourism is centered on attracting people to visit this hill station that is known for its unbelievable scenic beauty stretching across picturesque landscapes thus lending a perfect getaway experience. Ooty is not just known as the 'Queen of Hill Stations' but truly deserves this name and has earned it considering that it is one of the most visited hill stations in India.

Ooty is enveloped with a number of wonderful facets that transforms it into a unique and extremely vibrant tourist destination decked with pristine natural beauty, beautiful botanical gardens and undulating lush green valleys making way for umpteen picnic spots. Hence, it is no surprise that this place is famous for its colourful blooms, fresh produce, fruits and vegetables therefore making your holiday in Ooty more special and memorable.

The unassuming verdant hills of Ooty thus offer one of the best hill resort destination for everyone. Ooty beckons the urban tired souls to its embrace thus giving them a chance to recuperate with nature completely amidst the tranquil haven of serene confinement that Ooty has to offer.

Ooty Tourism offers a perfect holiday venue for honeymoon couples, families or travel groups and especially for those looking for a perfect retreat from a hectic schedule lifestyle. Your holiday is sure to be filled with fun, excitement, adventure and a multitudinous of beautiful facets to choose from. Ooty has so many undiscovered routes to explore and experience that will spoil you for choices. A joyful toy train ride journey through the never ending display of blue tinged slopes will keep you engaged while the stunning Ooty Lake will offer you one of the best leisurely boat rides to remember.

Ooty Tourism offer visitors with an array of destination choices from its picturesque sightseeing tours, excursions, wildlife sanctuaries and trekking adventure. Nearby are Coonoor and Kotagiri, two small districts of the Nilgiris that offer some of the best trek routes to explore.

The Ooty environment drifts with the freshness of unpolluted air combined with its magical wonders making your trip worthwhile. Ooty Tourism thus ensures that everyone visiting this region is promised with bountiful of solitude, wilderness and bliss for a couple of days within the arms of nature.

Ooty Attractions / Ooty Sightseeing

Ooty attractions provide people with one reason to visit this quintessential hill station that offers respite from a dirty, dusty and polluted city environment. Ooty sightseeing tours give people an opportunity to experience the immaculate beauty of nature, green landscapes, majestic mountains, cascading waterfalls and gorges and sparkling streams that all make Ooty a delight for the weary city dwellers. Sightseeing in Ooty is the best way to explore this splendid quaint and ideal hill station that homes some of the best sights to see including the Botanical Gardens, Ooty Lake, Tribal huts, Museums, Ancient Churches, Centenary, Tea Factory and many others. read more about Ooty Sightseeing

Ooty Excursions

Ooty Excursions offer tourists, a tour in and around, the numerous places of interest to explore including excursions to nearby towns and small tribal villages offering some really excellent sights to view and traverse through. When in Ooty, it is but natural for you to want to tour the entire region thus you can start your excursion by visiting the nearby Ooty attractions that form the nodal point and sole reason for the fame of Ooty.

You can travel further to explore other neighbouring places of Ooty including peaks, waterfalls, rivers, streams and Lakes. You can either enjoy the view by walking or using a ride to these spectacular destinations to keep you occupied throughout your stay in Ooty. Ooty excursions offers more than enough to quench your thirst for exploring and enjoying the expanse of greenery and scenic beauty especially while you trek and traverse through the numerous tourist destinations around Ooty such as Coonoor and Kotagiri that also form an important part of Ooty Tourism. read more about Ooty Excursions

Ooty Honeymoon Destination

Ooty is no doubt the most visited and one of the most natural beautiful hill stations in South India and thus witnesses a large footfall of travelers, globe trekkers and tourists from across the world. Ooty also makes for a perfect honeymoon destination and hence Ooty Honeymoon tours are extremely popular in India for city dwellers looking for the best and the most affordable honeymoon tours. Ooty is a paradise for Honeymooners set away from the usual crowd where newlyweds can enjoy quality time and complete privacy together. The enchanting beauty of Ooty can only add to the honeymooner's delight cradled within the lap of nature offering them with that much wanted break. A honeymoon trip to Ooty will ensure all the joys of being together in boat rides or enjoying a slow and long romantic stroll through the eucalyptus laden tracks and undulating trails off the beaten path transforming your stay in Ooty into one of the best romantic experience. read more about Ooty Honeymoon Destination

Ooty Wildlife Sanctuaries

A tour to Ooty is incomplete without a visit to the different Wildlife Sanctuaries that spans across the Nilgiris ranges in and around Ooty. These wildlife sanctuaries in and around Ooty will take you through terrains covered by lush deciduous forests and a variety of flora including glimpses of a range of friendly fauna wildlife. The Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is known to be one of the best sanctuaries in India that extends to close by sanctuaries such as the Bandipur National Park, Wayanad Sanctuary Nagarhole National Park, Nugu Wildlife Sanctuary, Mukurthi National Park and the Silent Valley National Park; all forming as an extended part of the Mudumalai Wildlife Park.

Ooty is blessed with a varied species of flora and fauna that attracts a large number of holiday makers wishing to spend a good time and quality expedition amidst the lap of nature and away from the noisy city life. These wildlife sanctuaries form the perfect home for a number of endangered species of birds as well as wildlife hence keeping them protected from poachers and hunters. read more about Ooty Wildlife Sanctuaries

Ooty Lakes, Ooty Waterfalls & Ooty Rivers

The Ooty Lakes, Ooty Waterfalls and Ooty Rivers are the pride of the Blue Nilgiris Hills and hence the nodal and strategic attractions of Ooty as well. While most of these lakes are spotted around nearby regions of Ooty, the famous one is the artificial Ooty Lake that was formed by Mr. John Sullivan in the year 1824. The Ooty Lake was initially used for fishing but was taken over by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation on behalf of the Tourism Department in 1973 who transformed it into a tourist spot for boating facilities since then. The other lakes and rivers around Ooty worth visiting are the Avalanche, Canada Dam-site and Kalhatty Water Falls, Ketti Valley View and Pykara River and waterfall.

Ooty Activities / Things to do in Ooty

Ooty presents tourists with a number of reasons and opportunities to fulfill their desires for adventure expeditions and numerous Activities and Things to do in Ooty. This small Hill Station is gifted with natural scenic beauty making it a perfect destination for nature lovers. Ooty also offer tourists with a chance to experiment their hidden sportsman spirit and unleash those skills to explore nature at its best form and to enjoy an unforgettable experience through a journey of indulging in various thrilling sports like mountain biking in Ooty, trekking in Ooty including angling and hang-gliding in Ooty.

Ooty Entertainment

Ooty offer tourists with several Entertainment options ranging from pony rides to mini train rides, nature walks, trekking, boating and fishing. Apart from these adventurous and leisure activities, tourists can enjoy a splendid tome amidst the interesting scenic parks in Ooty, golf courses in Ooty, Movie Theatres in Ooty, Clubs in Ooty, Restaurants in Ooty, Caf├ęs in Ooty as well as Bakery Shops including in-house Hotel bars & pubs in Ooty to keep you busy and occupied.

Ooty Hotels / Hotels in Ooty

Ooty is one of the most sought after tourist destinations be it for family vacations, adventure tours, honeymoon vacations, corporate offsite and wildlife expeditions. Ooty has something to offer for all ranging from a tremendous expanse of natural beauty, unforgettable tourist spots and adventure destinations and hence has to ensure that it homes the best and ample Hotels to accommodate the large tourist footfall seen here all year round. Ooty is known for its Heritage Hotels, Luxury Hotels, Resorts, First Class Hotels as well as Budget Hotels to cater to a larger population of pocket friendly tourists and budget travelers.

The numerous Hotels in Ooty also offer special and promotional packages and discounted deals to fit the requirements of all travelers whether you are looking for a family getaway, weekend getaway, honeymoon packages, adventure tour packages or corporate packages thus offering a range to choose from and ensuring that your stay in Ooty is made more comfortable, memorable and attractive. read more Ooty Hotels

Ooty Tourism

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