Ooty Trekking Tours

A unique way to explore the mesmerizing Blues Mountain ranges of the Nilgiris Hills and the picturesque landscapes of Ooty as well as the surrounding regions of Ooty is to engage in the adventurous sports of trekking made available through the numerous Ooty Trekking Tours.

Ooty was once the most liked summer capital during the British Colonial period and is known as the town where the game of snooker was invented by Neville Chamberlain, a British officer stationed in Ooty during that era.

Ooty Trekking Tours allows for one of the most unforgettable experiences of a lifetime for trekking enthusiasts and tourists as well. The rough terrains and rugged cliffs provide trekkers with an excellent platform to unleash their inherent sporting zeal and get energized through the activity of trekking and hiking.

Ooty offers trekkers with numerous off-the-beaten trails and marked pathways to traverse through thus offering adventure and nature lovers with a unique way to explore the scenic yet mesmerizing landscapes of Ooty and its surrounding regions.

The numerous Ooty Trekking Tours is a definite adventurous activity to look forward to as it promises to take you through some of the best trekking expeditions with paths laid out for easy treks as well as intermediate and high energy level trails as you traverse through endless undulating slopes and valleys giving you the perfect opportunity to soak in the spectacular sights of nature.

The Nilgiris Mountain Ranges that encompasses Ooty as a district is famous for being a trekker's paradise blessed with some of the best trails to hike through. Whichever direction you look at, you will be faced with umpteen trek routes that will spoil you for choices.

While trekking tours in Ooty can be full of fun and excitement and offer the thrills of adventure, one must also remember to engage themselves in enjoying the real beauty of nature while on their way through the innumerable picturesque scenes and splendor that Ooty and its region has to offer.

Adventure Tours like Trekking was an initiative taken by the Tamil Nadu Government to attract a global crowd of Trekkers and nature lovers. The Government realized the hidden potentials of Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri in the area of Trekking within the Tourism Sector and hence improved and increased the infrastructure and speed to promote this adventurous sport.

Ooty also introduced several energy boosting and tourist friendly activities like hiking and cycling for visitors to indulge in and experience a different yet refreshing side to Tourism in Ooty and on the contrary, get rejuvenated after such strenuous activities.

Ooty offers several trek routes that vary in distances, altitudes and terrains from a prominent Trekking base camp situated at Parsons Valley. This Valley offers trekkers with the perfect start to the various trekking points within the majestic Western Ghats of South India.

The major trekking routes in Ooty are apt for seasoned trekkers as well as beginners and learners. These Ooty Trekking routes lead you through the lower hills of the Western Ghats that lies along the Northern end. This route then meets at the extensions of the Eastern Ghats that takes you to the famous Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary spanning over a massive open terrain and thus opening doors to adventure enthusiasts for further expeditions.

A trekking expedition in and around Ooty is a sure way to experience the Nilgiris at its best and it really cannot get better than this. This Trekking activity will take you through a memorable journey where you get to wander around the forest area filled with the full bloom of purple rhododendrons or get to enjoy the scenes as you trek to the wildlife sanctuaries near Ooty including the joys you feel as your path crosses through rolling greens of ups and downs along rippling streams that will definitely make you come back to Ooty for more.

The Nilgiris are easier to traverse through when compared to the mighty Himalayan Mountain Ranges and hence is often suited for novice or amateur trekkers mainly possible as there are fewer restrictions on moving around this region. The temperate climate of the regions around Ooty and its gentle slopes are other factors that allow trekkers with minimal or no experience to enjoy the hike without getting completely fatigued.

The Terrains of Ooty and its region allows beginners to completely enjoy and experience some of the most stunning panoramic views that can even tame veteran hikers to stop by and enjoy nature to the fullest.

Where clothing is concerned, it is essential to know that the Nilgiris get very cold during the late evenings and onwards, hence, do take along heavy woolens to keep you warm in your tent or accommodation. In case you are trekking during the summer seasons, it still gets quite cold at night; hence light woolens are essential to carry along.

Other ‘Essentials’ during a trekking expedition in and around Ooty is an insect repellent, sun glasses, and a hat [for the late evenings and night time]. Besides these items, bottled water and food are practically available all over the Nilgiris unless your trek heads into deeper territories where food stock is as scarce as not available at all and hence you will need to pack along some food and water as well.

Information on Trekking in Ooty and Trekking from Ooty to other nearby regions can be obtained from The Nilgiris Trekking Association situated at 31 D, Bank Road in Ooty, The Nilgiri Wildlife and Environment Association [NWLEA] situated at Mount Stewart Hills and the Tourist Information Office located at Charring Cross in Ooty.

Ooty Trekking Tours does not call for any restrictions but be sure to collect a permit for the ‘No Entry’ areas from the Ooty District Officials and even better is to book a trekking tour in advance from an authorized Travel Agency known to you as it is advisable not to venture out on a long Trekking expedition on your own. It is also recommended that you take along an experienced guide as provided by the Trekking Tour Agency, who is thoroughly knowledgeable about the area, to ensure a comfortable, safe and enjoyable trekking experience.

Every year, with the assistance of the Department of Tourism in Ooty, Hang-Gliding courses are organised in Ooty between the months of March and May. Angling courses are also conducted for tourists wishing to indulge in fishing activities but do approach the Assistance Director of Fisheries to obtain a fishing permit for such activities.

Trekking in Ooty

Trekking in Ooty is sure to offer tourists visiting Ooty with the most memorable experiences of the lifetime. Ooty forms as the perfect base for short one-day trekking expeditions to several places placed within the region. The Trekking activity in Ooty has inspired many adventure enthusiasts to experience the robust nature and the real experience of being out in the wild and hence this sport has evolved as one of the most favorite activity to indulge in while in Ooty.

Trekking tours in Ooty are a major influence that draws globe trekkers to its heavenly abode thus adding to the joy and excitement of your journey including the thrills of nature. Masked with the unending bounty of picturesque scenes, Ooty allows trekkers to venture deeper into the mighty Western Ghats of the Nilgiris but under strict supervision and guidance of seasoned and professional trekkers especially recommended for novice tourists wishing to set out on an exciting journey to capture some of the best sights that Ooty has to offer.

Trekking from Ooty

While Trekking in Ooty offers short one-day treks that generally lasts between 4 to 5 hours, Trekking from Ooty allows for several longer trek routes which differ in distances, altitude and landscapes. Ooty offers nature trekkers with umpteen routes to trek through within the region itself and to other nearby places such as Coonoor and Kotagiri, two quaint Hill Stations that are filled with some of the best trails to discover en route.

The rough mountain terrains and steep altitudes of the Nilgiris provide amateur and seasoned trekkers with an opportunity to explore hidden paths and discover the inherent scenic expanse of the surrounding regions of Ooty such as Coonoor and Kotagiri. Trekking from Ooty depends on the tourist preferences and the distances to cover depends on the trekking option. While trekking to lower altitudes can be enjoyed during winters, a longer and more strenuous trekking expedition can be reserved during the summer months when tourists get to venture into higher grounds and deep into the dense Nilgiris Mountain ranges and its surrounding hills.

Ooty Trekking Tours

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