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Ooty is rich with multitudinous tourist attractions making it one of the premier Hill Station Holiday Destinations in India and the Globe across. It is filled with a wealth of natural scenic treasures. Apart from housing a plethora of magnificent lakes, waterfalls, and flora and wildlife habitat, the Wax World Museum in Ooty holds one of the prominent places amidst the tourist spots in Ooty.

The Wax World Museum in Ooty is not the usual place where you could visit and easily forget. Without doubt, Madame Tussauds’ Wax Museum does hold a classy position in the world of museums; however the Wax World Museum in Ooty still has a long way to go before it can reach that status.

The Wax World Museum in Ooty is a great alternative to sightseeing mountains and natural valleys of Ooty. Situated just 2 kilometers from the main town of Ooty, this is a place that you would want to visit during your vacation in Ooty. It makes for thoroughly enjoyable and informative experience especially for kids who get a visual treat of wax statues with the added benefit of not having to cross seven seas to see one.

Easily accessible, the Wax World Museum in Ooty can be visited during the start of your sightseeing tour in Ooty. You can make a quick stop at the Wax World Museum and then proceed to other tourists places in Ooty that are farther in distance such as the Parsons Valley, Pykara Lake or Mukurthi National Park to name a few.

Ooty is an apt travel halt for many global tourists who can visit the Wax World Museum while in Ooty that will definitely excite you with the collection of 20 odd life-size replica wax statues of renowned Indian personalities including wax statues that silently communicate about the History of India, its heritage and cultural aspects.

The Wax World Museum is situated within a 130-year old Colonial Mansion in Ooty close to the Ooty Lake and the Ooty Town Centre. This Wax World Museum was conceptualized and initiated by Shreeji Bhaskaran, who is an engineer in the field of Information Technology and a businessman as well.

The Wax World Museum in Ooty houses exquisite wax statues of Indian Freedom Fighters and Political Leaders such as the world renowned Mahatma Gandhi Ji, Gopal Krishna Gokhale and Bal Gangadhar Tilak amongst the many others. The Wax Museum also displays stunning wax replicas of social figures such as Mother Teresa and Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the former President of India. Amongst the life-size statues is a wax statue replica of a badly injured man due to drunk driving and the other is an Arab man smoking Hookah or Shisha, which did not fit in with the rest but is indeed an interesting sight to see.

For accommodation options, this Hill Station is blessed with numerous Ooty Hotels and Ooty restaurants that are fringed close to the Wax World Museum where you can rush for a quick bite after a visit to the Museum and before you move on with the rest of your Ooty sightseeing journey.

The Wax World Museum in Ooty also showcases wax replicas that depict the typical lifestyle of an Indian, especially rural lifestyle in an Indian village that is distinctly different from an urban dweller. You can enjoy the sights of an entire village setting with villagers doing farming and pottery that are entirely made of wax, a definite sight to see.

Since the Wax World Museum in Ooty is privately operated and funded without any support from the Tourism Government, it lacks in the ability for further expansion, and therefore as the only form of support every tourist visiting this museum is kindly requested to spread a word about the museum.

As stated by the Museum Manager, Jerald John, the sorry state of affairs is the attitude of the Tourism Authorities who pull down the advertisement boards and signboards of this Wax World Museum that eventually handicaps the owner in attracting more tourists to this museum. Despite this, the Museum Owner has put up a sign at the entrance requesting all visitors to assist in promoting the Ooty Wax World Museum by word of mouth and in their blogs and websites as well.

The Wax World Museum in Ooty still manages to attract a large crowd especially during the summer peak months despite the unethical attitudes of the authorities. A good 20 minutes is enough to scout through all the wax statues that are decently sculpted.

The entrance fee into The Wax World Museum in Ooty is just Rs. 20/- per Adult and Rs. 25 – 30 for bringing in a still camera. This is small fee to pay for the view that you would get to enjoy within the Wax Museum which is indeed priceless.

Address: Wax World Museum, Coonoor Road, Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India
Contact Numbers: + 91 – 9790 343 296 & + 91 – 9486 632 233
Email ID: [email protected]

Wax World Museum Ooty

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