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Coonoor District

Coonoor District is a small quiet hill station nestled at a distance of approx. 17 to 19 kms from Ooty within the Nilgiri hills of South India Western Ghats. It is known as a heavenly paradise of sorts that seemed to attract a number of nature lovers to its abode. Despite the fact that it has been swallowed by the growing urbanization, structured economy and an uncontrollable influx of tourists in the past few decades, Coonoor has managed to safe its other relatively eroded scenic image to a certain extent.

Coonoor is the second most popular hill station in the Nilgiris after Ooty and is perched at a height of 1,839 meters above mean sea level. It is famous for its picturesque picnic spots and scenic surroundings including its expanse of famous for tea gardens and factories and panoramic view of the lush green Nilgiri hills and valleys, its ravines, streams and stunning waterfalls.

Coonoor offers nature lovers with an opportunity to enjoy bird watching with a large variety of species such as the Cormorants, Thrushes, Nilgiri Flycatcher, Pipits, Parakeets, and Skylarks etc., a definite visual treat for bird lovers.

Other places of tourist attraction in Coonoor are a botanical garden called Sims Park, The Dolphins Nose view point, The famous Pasteur Institute, Lamb's Rock situated 8 kms from Coonoor, Laws Falls – a scenic tourist attraction, trekking and hiking opportunities, toy train ride from Coonoor to Mettupalayam also spelled as ‘Metupalaiyam’ and forth to Ooty offering some breathtaking views of the natural Nilgiris.

Coonoor offers convenient local transportation such as auto rickshaws that are available on hire. You can enjoy walking instead of hiring any form of transportation as this town is fortunately blessed with low traffic and relatively good roads.

You can opt to enjoy a scenic stroll along the ridges of lower Coonoor, which is generally more crowded, up to the slopes of upper Coonoor, which is more serene, scenic and hilly. You can also opt to take a long, memorable, peaceful and picturesque walk to any of the verdant villages situated around Coonoor and its tea gardens or to the stunning Golf Course expanse which is owned by the Wellington Defence College.

During the evenings, you can take a walk to the little shops retailing local produce such as tea, coffee, honey, jams and beautiful embroidered linen though at steep prices. Be sure to buy tea only from authorized vendors as most of the street hawkers are known to retail adulterated tea packets at all the major tourist spots.

When compared to Ooty, Coonoor offers a more solitary retreat away from the crowd and homes a number of comfortable Hotels for accommodation purposes including numerous food outlets to curb your hunger pangs.

Coonoor is a romantic and quiet holiday destination tucked away in a small hilly region replete of pleasant weather, fresh air and lush Natural environ apt for honeymoon couples as well as families looking for a quiet weekend getaway.

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