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Churches in Ooty

Churches in Ooty stands amidst a perfect blend of peaceful and sanctified locale that caters to the solace and spiritual needs of mankind. One of the most significant Churches in Ooty is the St. Stephen’s Church constructed primarily from wood that was brought from the Srirangapatnam Lal Bagh Palace of Tipu Sultan after his defeat in the Battle of Srirangapatnam. Henceforth, six more churches were also constructed in Ooty that caters to a large population Christians residing in Ooty and neighbouring regions including people who visit Ooty for weekly or monthly Spiritual retreats.

St. Stephen's Church

St. Stephen's Church is situated in Ooty on the road that leads to Mysore in the Tamil Nadu, India. This is considered as one of the oldest churches in the Nilgiris district and dates back to the 19th Century. Its foundation stone was laid on 23rd April, 1829 ensuring that this date coincides with the birthday of King George IV and John James Underwood was assigned as the Chief Architect of this Church. read more about St. Stephen's Church in Ooty

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church in Ooty is considered as a cultural representation of the city and its Christian community. This Church has been rightly pronounced as one of the most important and oldest landmark of Ooty that stands quietly yet formidably on the Summer House Road in Ooty. This is a dedicated Church that served the small Christian Congregation since its inception and depicts a typical Royal Colonial House Architecture dotted with blemished glass windows, intricate carvings and serene cemeteries. read more about Holy Trinity Church in Ooty

Roman Catholic Diocese, Ooty

Roman Catholic Diocese of Ooty caters to a congregation of daily wage workers as well as Farmers and the Tribal Community constituting of the Bagadas, Kurumba, Paniya and Thoduva of the Nilgiris Hills including Talavadi Hills and the Sathyamangalam plains spanning over three districts that include the entire Nilgiris, a part of Erode District and the Coimbatore District. Ooty makes a perfect place for the Christian community to meet together for various community work purposes owing to which Inter-linguistic marriages are a common practice in the diocese of Ooty. read more about Roman Catholic Diocese of Ooty

St. Thomas Church

St. Thomas Church is one of those Churches in Ooty that is a must visit in your itinerary as it offers a stunning view of the Ooty Lake and homes the famous memorial of St. Thomas which is also known as the tallest memorial in Ooty. It also holds the grave of William Patrick Adam, who was a former governor of Madras and who passed away in 1881 in Ooty where he was buried. read more about St. Thomas Church in Ooty

Union Church

Union Church is a 19th Century Church that was built to imitate the ancient colonial architecture design and styling giving it a majestic, formidable and magnificent look. This Church is considered as one of the most significant spiritual and tourist spots in Ooty and also one of the oldest churches in the Nilgiris District that announces the arrival of Christianity in Ooty and the forthcoming consequences and causes due to a large religious infiltration. This Church carries with it over 155 years of Heritage and spiritual services offering a platform for worship for a crowd of evangelical believers. Numerous well known missionaries had once served as Pastors of this Church of which C. T. Studd was one who was a famous English Cricketer. read more about Union Church in Ooty

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