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Mosque in Ooty

Mosque in Ooty forms the focal point of Muslim Travelers visiting Ooty set amidst the majestic Hills of Tamil Nadu in South India. Most of these travelers stay for a certain period of time in Ooty which is known as one of the apt serene pilgrimage destinations in India. The Mosque in Ooty is evidence to the existence of Islam in Ooty and the Big Mosque is the perfect place for religious visits and for Islamic cultural functions and activities.

Big Mosque (Badi Masjid), Ooty

The Big Mosque, situated in Lower Bazaar in Ooty, is also known as the Wallajah Mosque and is well placed for being a sacred and religious site for spiritual attainment for the entire Muslim community residing in Ooty, its surrounding regions and the Muslims from other parts of India and the globe as well.

The Big Mosque is visited by multitudes of Muslim Devotees who throng here to offer their prayers and seek blessings or pray for their wishes to be granted. The mosque in Ooty is a religiously historic pilgrimage site and is also considered as one of the most attractive shrines in South India. This Mosque in Ooty is gradually attaining worldwide attention and recognition owing to the large number of tourist footfall from across the world visiting Ooty just to get a glimpse of this sacred shrine and other historical religious centres scattered around the region as well.

The Big Mosque is renowned as the only prime Muslim pilgrimage site in Ooty and its surrounding areas in South India apart from the numerous pilgrimage centres of different religious sects that also form a part of the tourist attractions in Ooty. The Big Mosque and several other religious sites in Ooty are aptly placed amidst the serene magnificence of Ooty, a quaint hilly region that has earned a name for also being the most visited hill station in India owing to its umpteen pilgrimage destinations and local attractions.

During the month of Ramadan and on the festive days of Eid-ul-Fitr and Bakrid, the Big Mosque in Ooty witnesses a large influx of global crowd of Muslim devotees who throng the Big Mosque for prayers and to attend the grand celebrations and festivities that follows throughout the day accompanied with sweet treats and delectable and authentic Muslim cuisines.

This Historic Big Mosque in Ooty is therefore recognized as one of the most attractive religious sites in South India and the entire country as well, that one must visit or at least catch a glimpse of, during your visit to Ooty.

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