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Mutts in Ooty

Mutts in Ooty are Pilgrimage spots in Ooty that offer a fascinating attraction for a meaningful and spiritual vacation for devotees. The Mutts in Ooty are one of the apt pilgrim centres in Ooty to attain an inner peace, serenity and calmness of the body, mind and soul. These Mutts in Ooty are visited by a large number of pilgrims with the prime aim to explore its divinity and sanctity.

The Mutts in Ooty are aptly placed within lush green surroundings and verdant venues that form the perfect sites for meditation and spiritual awareness. These Pilgrimage sites believe in spiritual teaching to evoke a calm sense of being and spiritual awakening within the pilgrims. This is made possible through various teaching and meditation sessions during the entire duration of time spent in these Mutts that can last from a few days to months in accordance to your requirement. Wrapped in lush green environs, these Mutts in Ooty are a must visit for self deliberation and introspection purposes.

Narayana Gurukulam

Narayana Gurukulam is a pilgrim centre that was established in 1923 by Nataraja Guru who is the successor disciple of Narayana Guru. This is a Guru-disciple foundation that teaches the art of serving to unite and to understand the importance of universal brotherhood. Narayana Guru is a role model and leader by example of this foundation which is open to those who wish to seek the wisdom of Brahma or the ‘Absolute knowledge’.

The Narayana Gurukulam Gurukul works like an organization that runs the yellow fellowship programme which is meant for larger circle of disciples wishing to confirm and accept the way of life of this foundation or Gurukul and believing its motto of ‘One caste’, ‘One race’, ‘One religion’ and ‘One God’ for mankind.

The Narayana Gurukulam foundation is set up in Ooty on a land that was gifted by a friend of Nataraja Guru. Since its inception, the Narayana Gurukulam has worked as an institution that constantly propagates the teachings and the works of Narayana Guru as well as devoted to contemplative study. Nataraja Guru lived in the Gurukul Ashram for four years and dedicated his life to teaching children and mostly orphans about the ways of goodness, truth, brotherhood, peace and love.

The Narayana Gurukulam Gurukul has an established headquarters in Varkala situated in Kerala in South India and centers throughout the South Indian states including worldwide in Australia, Belgium, Europe, Fiji Islands, Singapore and the United States of America.

Ramakrishna Mutt or Ramakrishna Math, Ooty

Ramakrishna Mutt or Ramakrishna Math is a religious solitary order or monastery that forms a part of the Hindu reform movement group. This Order was set up by Swami Vivekananda and follows the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna after which the foundation was named.

The Ramakrishna Math was established in 1924 after which Swami Shivananda Ji Maharaj visited this sanctuary and dedicated the universal Temple in 1926. The Ramakrishna Mutt has an established headquarters at Belur Math situated in West Bengal, India and also shares this location with Ramakrishna Mission, its related organization.

The Ramakrishna Mutt comprises of monks also known as brahmacharis and sannyasins who belong to a monastic order for men. After their Master Sri Ramakrishna passed away in 1886, the young male disciples organized themselves into this new monastic order under the leadership of Swami Vivekananda.

The Ramakrishna Mutt teaches the fundamental truth which is taught by all religious sects that people can transform their base human nature into divinity, a quality inherent with all human souls that is somehow hidden or not known. The teachings help people to evoke their hidden goodness and to believe in the unity of all mankind.

The Vedanta taught by the Ramakrishna Math is a philosophy rather than a religion by itself. It includes the basic truths of all religion that teaches the real and true nature of men which is his hidden divinity. It aims at unfolding the life of man on earth and to assist in manifesting the hidden Goodness within people and teaches that truth is universal.

The Vedanta of the Ramakrishna Mutt thus preaches a universal message of peace and harmony. This foundation teaches the insistence of personal experience to seek the truth of God and the divinity of man and thus keeping the spirit of their beliefs and religion alive since the age of the Vedas as mentioned in the ancient scriptures. The teachings of the Ramakrishna Math also showcase role models and exemplars such as Ramakrishna, Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi Ji as men of truth and wisdom and to follow their philosophy of life.

Conversely those who are looking for some peace and spiritual experience could pay a visit to these other important Mutts in Ooty that include the Abu Babajee Trust at Wood Cock Road, Dakshinamurthy Madalayam, Diyanamyam (PBKS) at Ettins Road, Ragahavendra Mutt at Bombay Castle Ooty and the Sampoorna Ashram.

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