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Annamalai Murugan Temple

The Annamalai Temple is situated at a distance of approximately 20 kms from Ooty and is popularly referred to by the name of Annamalai Murugan Temple of Lord Muruga, also known as the 7th Hill house of the Lord. The Annamalai Temple is a place of great importance and religious significance amongst the worshippers of Lord Muruga.

The short scenic 20 kms drive from Ooty to Kundah or 30 kms scenic drive from Coonoor to Kundah Dam or to Manjoor Village that offers a number of pleasant experiences en route that is filled with several interesting places to view along the majestic Nilgiris Mountain road both ways. As you arrive at Kundah or Manjoor, you can ask for directions to the Annamalai Temple, from the local villagers who will be more than happy to assist you.

It is in Kundah where the Annamalai Murugan Temple stands formidably receiving a large crowd of devotees even from as far as Coimbatore, Mysore and other neighbouring states.

The Annamalai Temple also attracts even more devotees during the Lord Murugan Festival as they throng to this Temple premises to offer their prayers or gratitude. People also make offerings to appease the Lord to either bless them or fulfill their wishes.

The Hilltop where the Annamalai Murugan Temple stands is quite serene and exudes a calm ambience that you would usually experience amidst the sanctity of Gods and Goddesses. Apart from its tranquil and peaceful environ, the Annamalai Murugan Temple is also as picturesque as any tourist spot around Ooty that showcases a locale surrounded by verdant green tea plantations and dotted with dense Silver Oak trees that adds a countryside frame to the region.

The word ‘Annamalai’ means ‘Food Hill’ and this word was primarily derived from a religious belief and point of view that good food always assist in maintaining good health and a heart absent of impure feelings and hence an equally healthy mind as well which is absent of any impure thoughts.

A pure thinking mind is the key to attaining Moksha or Self Enlightenment. For this very reason, the Annamalai Temple has been religiously supplying free food to thousands of devotees and the needy ones, every month, for over 30 years now and still continues to do so.

Charity by means of free food supply is a way for the Temple authorities to give back to the less fortunate society and especially the ones who have been unconditionally serving the Annamalai Murugan Temple without expecting anything in return and also assisted in pushing the Temple to its present state of dignity that it holds amongst other Indian States and the world across.

The premises of the Annamalai Temple atop the Nilgiri Hills is a picturesque location that lends the perfect and complaisant venue for meditation and also to unwind and breathe in the fresh mountain air which is in fact good for sustaining a healthy body and mind and hence is strongly recommended for people with hypertension and those who lead a stressful work life.

More important from the tourist attraction point of view, the Annamalai Murugan Temple offers a spectacular view of the surrounding region from the Temple site as it is set atop a hill offering an excellent vantage point. Close to the Temple is an observatory from where the public is offered magnificent panoramic views of Ooty and the Nilgiris.

Transportation to the Annamalai Temple near Ooty is of no worry as there are several buses plying from the Ooty Central Bus to this area. Alternatively, you can either hire a private taxi cab to drive you to this location or book an excursion tour from Ooty which is in fact preferable for a hassle-free travel and hence allowing you to fully enjoy the tour rather than worry on how to get back to your hotel in Ooty.

Address: Annamalai Ashram Trust, Kil Kundha Post, The Nilgiris - 643 219, Tamil Nadu, India.
Contact Numbers: + 91 – 423 – 250 9353 & + 91 – 9442 342 343

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