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Tiger Hill, Ooty

Tiger Hill, Ooty is situated towards the eastern portion of Ooty. It is considered as an extremely enchanting place in Ooty and is famous for its spectacular beauty and soothing presence.

Placed towards the lower lap of the majestic Doddabetta Peak, Tiger Hill, Ooty is situated at a distance of 16 kms from the main town Ooty.

A Short excursion and walking distance up to Tiger Hill, Ooty is sure to promise you with stunning sights of the valley and its surrounding verdant landscapes. This spot is ideal for picnic and small informal social gatherings and even a hang out zone for youngsters wishing to escape for awhile from the usual drill of studying.

Atop the Tiger Hill, Ooty is a massive pool of water reservoir that is used as a source of drinking water supply to Ooty and the region’s sizeable population. This portion offers a unique and distinct sight where you get to view a pool of reservoir nestled on a mountain top that is crystal clear and surrounded by plunging cliffs and deep gorges, therefore one needs to be extremely imaginative to be able to visualize this stunning sight in your mind.

Tiger Hill in Ooty is presently, a delightful hill resort, known for its enthralling forests and hills set within a quaint ambience and environ. This site is sure to lead you into a serene space filled with the grandeur and splendor of a natural and composed world. Tiger Hill, Ooty is set a bit farther from the usual crowd of Ooty and placed within a small and isolated corner that lures tourist to flock in, especially the ones seeking for natural tranquility and soothing space over the hustle and bustle of a common city life.

Tiger Hill in Ooty welcomes every visitor to its panoramic and breathtaking views of the famous and towering Dodabetta Peak from where, if lucky, you may even get to witness the mist-laden clouds descending over the valley that completely typifies a paradise and heaven-like canvas picture right before your eyes. This scenic sight is something that you will never experience in a city or even a few of the many Indian Hill Stations and hence is sure to offer a feeling of almost literarily floating over the clouds.

Tiger Hill in Ooty is also encircled with small ravines and forests that boast of a very healthy flora and fauna habitat and hence is listed as one of the top and most popular attractive places to visit in Ooty. It allows for a short trekking experience into the nearby valley and forest land where you might even spot a few friendly wildlife species prancing around.

Apart from the crystal clear and pristine drinking water reservoir aptly cupped atop Tiger Hill, Ooty, this place also has a number of interesting tales to unleash owing to the presence of an ancient old cave situated close to Tiger Hill, Ooty believed to be associated with a number of holy legends and probably visited by several saints of a bygone era who may have spent a part of their lives amidst this serene and peaceful environ to attain inner peace and eventually nirvana.

Tiger Hill in Ooty offers an apt site to de-stress and free your minds from the usual tension and daily stress of work and get reenergized and rejuvenated after a few hours of sheer relaxation. Some parts of the Tiger Hill, Ooty is now a resort that is dotted with several English style cozy cottages offering a number of accommodation options amidst a luxurious and spacious space right within nature’s lap.

Tiger Hill, Ooty is indeed gifted with abundant freshness where people of all ages can visit just to unwind, relax and breathe in the fresh unpolluted air drifting from the mountains. This Hill is also apt for meditation that gives you a chance to be one with nature and is a must-visit for self deliberation and introspection purposes.

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