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Kamaraj Sagar Dam

The Kamaraj Sagar Dam also spelled as Kamraj Sagar Dam, has definitely added to the list of major tourist attractions in Ooty in the recent years. Also referred to as the Sandynallah Reservoir, the Kamaraj Sagar Dam offers an excellent venue for locals to spend picnic lunches with their kids thus transforming this Spot into one of the favourite picnic spots amongst tourists with a majority of them visiting to just enjoy the sights that this reservoir has to offer.

The Kamaraj Sagar Dam is situated near the town of Ooty in a small place named Kandal that features ancient towering trees thus offering a serene site for enjoying the nature or capturing those extraordinary moments in your cameras.

Placed at a distance of only 10 kms from the main Central Bus Stand of Ooty, the Kamaraj Sagar Dam is indeed a heavenly place with a vast expanse of scenic panorama to offer to all visitors thus making this not only a favourite picnic venue but apt for nature walks as well.

The Kamaraj Sagar Dam is situated a bit farther from the main town of Kandal and lies between the greenery and the woods hence making it apt for people to spend their weekends amidst a peaceful environment. In fact, the Kamraj Sagar Dam is situated on the western portion of a small village named Athoor within the Dindigul District in South India with just a population of 5,300 people. This quaint village is also known for its scenic beauty dotted with dense mango and towering coconut trees despite the fact that rice cultivation is the main occupation of the villagers. The cascading Kodaganar River flows through this village that further joins the famous Cauvery River [Kaveri River]. Athoor also features a small yet beautiful 50-year old Catholic Church including ancient towering trees that lends a tranquil ambience.

The Kamaraj Sagar Dam is surrounded with a wide variety of herbal plants and shrubs scattered around the terrain and hence apt for capturing the scenic beauty in movies that you may have noticed. Popular Blockbusters have showcased parts of open roads of this area including the slopes of the Wendlock Sagar or Kamaraj Sagar Dam in Ooty.

The water of the Kamaraj Sagar Dam or Wendlock Sagar is somewhat cold, however, though it may not be a good idea to swim, which is anyway prohibited, however, being a haven for angling and home to a variety of aquatic life especially the trout fish, one can enjoy a great time fishing at this Lake which is also one of the most flourishing businesses in Ooty with Fishing Industries earning well as the primary food available in Ooty is fish and rice therefore, you can enjoy a delectable meal of fried fish or fish curry after you fish out your catch.

The Kamraj Sagar Dam is not only popular as a picnic spot or for fishing, however, it has emerged as a favourite haunt for nature enthusiasts and environmentalists who visit this Dam for study and research purpose. Even Students in groups make frequent excursions to this Dam to observe and study its natural surroundings and habitat.

The Kamaraj Sagar Dam is also a haven for Bird watchers who frequent this Lake to observe rare species of aquatic birds that breed and feed in this water reservoir. Filled with the quintessential natural beauty, this place is a must visit for all tourists on vacation in Ooty.

There has been several speculations made by the Nilgiri Ecological and Animal Protection Samiti [NEAPS] members protesting against the water pollution of the Kamaraj Sagar Dam and the famous Pykara Lake as well due to chemical downpour from the nearby private companies operating in this region, however, the Government still seems unperturbed by this fact and the only hope is for the companies to realize the importance of maintaining the bio-diversity of nature and find other legal methods of disposing their debris.

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